Why BMR?

Average decrease of lignin compared to conventional forage hybrids runs approximately 30%

Reduced lignin is what makes Production Plus BMR Hybrids a truly provlem value added product over conventional forage hybrids as well as other competing BMR hybrids. Just because a company claims to have a BMR product, does not mean there will be a decrease in lignin (so test to be sure). Always be sure to find out the actual lignin content when comparing BMR hybrids to ensure maximum digestibility.

Tremendous increase in palatability

Our customers consistently report how their livestock (cattle, sheep, dairy cows) have walked over alfalfa, clover, grasses, sumac, conventional sorghum x sudangrass and millet forages to feed on Production Plus BMR hybrids. Not only do they show a preference while grazing, but also as baled hay, greenchop or silage.

Livestock is satisfied quicker on less feed of Production Plus BMR than conventional hybrids

We have received numerous reports from universities, cattlemen, and dairymen who have conducted comparison grazing and discovered that cattle on Nutri+Plus BMR would be laying around content and full (just chewing their cud) while the cattle grazing on the conventional sorghum x sudangrass would still be grazing trying to get the nutrients and fill needed for growth and milk production. Satisfied cattle will lay around and use their energy for producing milk or gaining weight--every producer's goal.